Original Skillz is a world wide movement & crew that connect’s all kinds of talented people, crews and organizations as one united family!
We are here to organize & support different events, battles, jams, concerts, exhibits, workshops, activities & projects about arts, culture & fashion world wide.

OSC leaders & members are part of many world wide culture organisations, crews (example: Battle Of Est, The Message, OnSmash, ZuluNation, ZuluKings etc.)

Info, photos & members contacts are in our World Wide Main Page photo albums.
For each chapter there is a separate album that you can recognize by it’s country flag.

Original Skillz Crew World Wide family members include and are welcoming: DJ’s, MC’s, Graffiti Writers, Street Artists, Beatboxers, B-Boys & Girls, Hip-Hop & Funk Styles Dancers, Designers, Video-Photographers, Talented Artists & Positive People.

If you have original talent & skillz then you are welcome to join our world wide family.

You & your organisation or crew can be OSC member only if you are invited by OSC world wide chapter leaders, council.



Original Skillz Crew World Wide (shortly: OSC) is established on the 12th of october 1992 in USA , Elmira (New York) 341 Woodlawn Avenue by Mr. Santiago Torres aka B-Boy JoJo.
OSC first team members are: DJ Teck One, DJ See Born, Dj Shi One, MC JB Large, DJ Jammer J, B-Boy Joe Jr, B-Boy Jacob, B-Boy Hardcore, KevSki & Carlos aka Toonster.
JoJo dream was to find people, crews, organisations who have same vision: Vision to connect all the world as one family of art, culture, sisters & brothers. Sharing knowledge worldwide.


Hip-Hop Legend, Zulu King, Co-founder of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew, OnSmash Social & Auto Club Worldwide member and Founder of Original Skillz Crew World Wide.

JoJo Awards:
– VH1 – Hip Hop Honors (Rock Steady Crew Co-founder)
– The Universal Zulu Nation Hall Of Fame (Living Legend Award)
JoJo Media:
Featuring in the legendary Hip-Hop documentary “The Freshest Kids” and Martha Coopers book “Hip-Hop Files”